What is an ASC?

When you call an Autodesk Systems Center (ASC), you’ll reach professionals who provide the support that’s so essential to keep your staff and systems working efficiently. Regardless of your field--from architecture and facilities management to mechanical design and data management--ASC staff have the expertise and offer support options that fit your business.

To maintain their Autodesk accreditation, ASCs must demonstrate high performance on three levels: industry experience and solutions, training, and technical support. When dealerships meet Autodesk’s requirements in these areas, they are further certified as ASC Solutions Training sites and Autodesk Premier Support Centers. And because they must adhere to sound business practices--thorough business and marketing plans, credit worthiness, in-depth employee training--you can count on ASCs staying around to meet your long-term needs.

ASC Solutions Training

As part of ASC certification, dealerships must qualify as ASC Solutions Training sites, staffed with full-time, Autodesk-certified instructors and trainers to educate your staff and ensure the industry solution you purchase does the job. ASC Solutions Training sites, which must be equipped with the latest computer and software technology, offer comprehensive, industry-focused training on Autodesk software and add-on applications. Experienced instructors craft courses mapped carefully to your needs, and then help you master the software you’ve chosen by teaching software techniques and demonstrating custom toolsets.
To qualify for ASC Solutions Training status, dealers must have: networked training labs with the latest industry-specific Autodesk and independent developer software, at least one full-time Autodesk-certified instructor, and ongoing solution-based training on Autodesk products and appropriate application-developer software, using Autodesk-certified courseware.

Authorized Premier Support Center

Once your systems are up and running, you want to keep them that way. Authorized Premier Support Centers--one of the three levels of ASC accreditation--help you minimize downtime and maximize efficiency. Experienced at handling multi-platform software integration, Authorized Premier Support Centers offer dependable, ongoing postsales support, by phone or on-site, that will help you keep your custom applications running smoothly.
To qualify for Authorized Premier Support Center status, dealers must have a Certified Novell Administrator or Engineer, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, and/or UNIX - trained engineer, dedicated support engineers trained in Autodesk products and industry-specific application developer software, fee-based support contracts and pay-per-call support plans for all Autodesk products and developer applications Four-hour guaranteed technical-support response time during business hours, and software customization services for Autodesk products, including programming expertise using AutoCAD ARX, AutoLISP, and AutoCAD Programming Interfaces.