FALL TRAINING SCHEDULE AutoCAD Release 14 Update Training AutoCAD Release 14 Level I 3D Studio MAX/VIZ Softdesk S8 Architectural Level I Softdesk S8 Civil Level I Softdesk S8 Building Services Level I
Price $595 $795 $795 $795 $795 $795
April 29 - May 1          
May 13-15          
June   3-5        

Our new training center accomodates up to 8 students comfortably with Pentium-class machines with a minimum of 32MB of RAM. Call us at (617) 868-1921, or [E-Mail peterb@designerscadd.com] to reserve your spot.

We also offer individualized on-site training for everything you see on our products page. We realize that design professionals benefit most from project-based training that addresses the specific tasks needed to get the job done. Each of our trainers has logged an insane number of hours using AutoCAD and its third-party software in a production environment, and are capable of tailoring sessions to meet you at your knowledge level. On-site training within a 1-hour radius starts at $350 per half-day session.