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In addition to the ongoing services involved in support and training, we have been active in a number of our clients' rendering, animation, GIS, and scanning projects. Our services range from consultation on small proof-of-concept pilot projects to full-blown high-resolution renderings and video presentations.    Take a look at our brochure.  It's in Adobe Acrobat format, so you might need to download the reader.   Here is a more updated brochure -(different images)

The following are samples:

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Video Clips

Web Based:


DNN Vision Factory

Panoramic Gallery:

These require Apple Quicktime. quicktimedownload

After you click on an image, allow some time for it to download to your browser
Click and drag to pan around panos or use arrow keys.  Press Shift to zoom in and Ctrl to zoom out


SJ-Cen-old_thumb.jpg (8154 bytes) SJ-Cen2-prop1-sm.jpg (29183 bytes) St. Joseph's Church, before and after

Panoramic shot taken before vizualization work and panoramic rendering of proposed nave expansion by Bruce Ronayne Hamilton Architects
PGA-Loyola-thumb.jpg (8508 bytes) Loyola-befaft.jpg (129826 bytes) St. Ignatius of Loyola - Alterations

Panoramic rendering of Peterson Griffin Architects' design proposal.  More pictures in the image gallery.
Fl3-4Common_thumb.jpg (6996 bytes) lobbypan_thumb.jpg (7411 bytes) MIT Dorm @ Pacific & Sidney, Cambridge, MA

Common room & Lobby Panos shown. More pictures in the image gallery of this project by Steffian Bradley Associates, Inc.
oaktreecorner.jpg (32273 bytes) oaktreebridge.jpg (27728 bytes) CambridgePark Place, Cambridge, MA

Panoramic renderings of Steffian Bradley Associates Inc. design proposal for Cambridge.
Auburn Court Design Proposal Auburn Court Design Proposal Auburn Court, Cambridge, MA

Panoramic renderings of Icon Architects' design proposal for Cambridge.
Charlestown Design Proposal Charlestown Design Proposal CANA Parcel, Charlestown, MA

Panoramic renderings of Icon Architects' design proposal for Charlestown.
ferryt_thumb.jpg (6633 bytes) fortj1_thumb.jpg (6200 bytes) Governors Island, New York

This is a screen capture of a work in progress. We worked with a government agency to produce a GIS which integrates land-use database information with images and Quicktime VR movies.
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roof_thumb.jpg (6374 bytes) wilam_thumb.jpg (6113 bytes)
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