• 10 Bit, 2X Oversampled Video Encoding
  • Integrated SCSI-2 Hard Drive Controller
  • Multi-Processor Support Via Windows NT Software
  • Component, Composite and S-Video Outputs
  • Recordable 24 FPS Mode
  • Live Video Capture Option Provides Entropy Prediction

"Even more impressive than the above specs is the fact that the Perception actually lives up to them: It captured the best-looking video of any of the products in this review [Miro MiroVideo DC20, Truevision Bravado 1000, Truevision Targa 1000 Pro, and Truevision Targa 2000 Pro], even at similar data rates. It also had the highest data capture and playback rates with both average video and our Diagnostic Tape Test"

--New Media Magazine April 22, 1996

The PVR is one component in the affordable, professional Digital Video Solution offered by Designers' CADD Company.

Digital Processing Systems (DPS) brought real-time video capture and playback to the desktop last year with the Personal Animation Recorder (PAR). The PVR is the next generation of the PAR, incorporating new technologies which make it the desktop video tool of the future. The features which most distinguish the PVR from the PAR are broadcast quality output, an integrated SCSI controller, and its integration into the Microsoft Windows 3.1/Windows NT 3.5+ environment.

Betacam SP/MII quality is achieved at about 4 minutes per Gigabyte of storage, on up to 7 SCSI drives. You may choose different levels of compression to suit your needs. Also, sequences which span across multiple drives can be played back smoothly. The addition of the video capture daughterboard allows real-time capture of Composite or Component video and sound. Captured audio is stored on the computer’s system hard drive, providing maximum flexiblity for editing.

The PVR Windows 3.1 and Windows NT 3.5+ software includes basic video editing tools, as well as a Video for Windows CODEC which allows clips stored on PVR drives to be converted into and AVI format file. The Windows 3.1 software works with popular editing packages, such as Speed Razor Mach III and Adobe Premiere, as well as any software capable of writing or reading RGB images to or from a hard drive.

Until now, if you wanted an affordable desktop video system that wasn’t a toy, the PAR was your only option. Now, broadcast quality video capture and playback is within your reach with the new Perception Video Recorder from DPS.

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