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We configure our customers to meet these Hardware System Requirements.

3D Studio MAX, the revolutionary new object-oriented animation package from Kinetix assaults the animation industry.
As an Autodesk Systems Center, we are dedicated to the best sales, support and training for AutoCAD, ADE and Autovision.
Softdesk S7 is the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry's leading applications software.
We bring GIS to your desktop with ArcCAD and ArcView from ESRI.
Are your renderings and walkthroughs flat and sterile? Lightscape is a must for designers and renderers who care about accurate lighting effects.
Offering real-time broadcast-quality video capture and playback, the Perception Video Recorder is the heart of the advanced digital video workstation.
Speed Razor Mach III, from in:sync works directly with the PVR, creating professional custom wipes and fades, with infinite layering.