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Now, just 3 years after 3DS MAX was first available, and less then one year after R2.5, Kinetix is proud to announce 3D Studio MAX Release 3 – a very significant release that revolutionizes the workflow and productivity of animators and studios alike. While the 3D Studio MAX architecture has served well, the growing needs of animators and the competitive nature of their industry showed Kinetix that improvements to core areas were needed to ensure MAX artists would continue having what they required to stay in the lead for the years ahead in both efficiency and capabilities. MAX R3 does not shy away from large issues or answer problems with work-arounds – it delivers fundamental architectural innovations, and significant workflow improvements that take advantage of those innovations, to deliver an outstanding creative tool for 3D animation.

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Primary 3D Studio MAX R3 Advances Include:

Modern Studio Workflow Design

Studio Workflow and Collaboration:

Individual Artist Productivity:

Superior Output with Faster Methods

All-New Renderer

Interactive Rendering Effects

Powerful Organic Modeling across Choice of Geometries

Soft Selections and NURMS Subdivision

Fast and Fluid NURBS

Spline-based Patch modeling

Standout Game Development Enhancements

Basic Character Animation in Core

Unmatched Vertex and Mapping Control

Animation Advances

Nonlinear Block Animation

Event Driven Reactors