mapbox.gif (19206 bytes) Precision software for mapping and GIS professionals

Built on AutoCAD 2000 software, this latest release features more than 400 new and enhanced productivity tools including

  • Multiple Design Environment
  • Properties Window
  • Multiple Layouts
  • Polar Construction Tools
  • Flexible Plot Styles
  • AutoCAD DesignCenter™

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Elevate your mapping productivity with AutoCAD Map 2000—Autodesk’s professional, automated mapping solution for creating, maintaining, and producing maps and geographic data within an AutoCAD environment.

Optimized for your profession’s unique requirements, AutoCAD Map® 2000 software delivers all of the power, fluency, and connectivity of AutoCAD® 2000. Plus, it’s packed with the essential GIS analysis tools (and productivity improvements) you need to create, maintain, and produce maps in a precise graphical environment. With AutoCAD Map 2000, you’ll get more analysis done with fewer mouse clicks. You’ll be less frustrated by tedious data entry. Your maps will be more accurate and easier to manipulate. And you’ll see that finding, reusing, and sharing data with your colleagues is quick and easy, delivering maximum efficiency and the greatest value for your data.

Developed by and for mapping professionals, AutoCAD Map 2000 software takes precision mapping and GIS analysis to higher, more productive levels. First it’s built on AutoCAD 2000, featuring more than 400 new and enhanced productivity features. Plus, it includes a comprehensive set of automated mapping tools built for engineers, planners, utility managers, and anyone who creates and maintains maps. With this latest release, you can work easily and precisely with vast data sets that cover large geographic areas. Link attribute data to geographic features. Integrate a wide variety of data types and formats. Allow multiple-user file access with no versioning headaches. And plot and present mapping information in an easy, effective manner.

Large data sets

As a mapping professional, you inevitably work with much larger data sets than your AutoCAD designer counterpart. That’s why AutoCAD Map 2000 includes special functionality for easily integrating site-specific engineering data with information from large geographic areas. Or working with multiple drawings without sacrificing the precision that’s so vital to your work.

Data translation

The data translators in AutoCAD Map 2000 give you access to the widest ranges of industry-standard file formats, including ESRI coverages and shapes, MapInfo MIF/MID, and MicroStation DGN. You can recover the value of existing data and make it easy to share data with others, without costly redigitizing. And incorporating georeferenced aerial photos and other raster images into your maps, to provide real-world context, is faster and more accurate than you could do by hand.

Database access, viewing, and linking

With AutoCAD Map 2000, you’ll find that we have streamlined database configuration and access. Through the Project Workspace, you can link map objects to external databases—including Microsoft Access, Oracle, SQL server, dBASE, FoxPro, Excel, Paradox, and any other ODBC-compliant databases—to add "intelligence" to your maps. This powerful tool extends your reach and puts the latest information at your fingertips, helping you make better informed decisions. Plus, the scrollable Data View window gives you point-and-click connection to your data.

Powerful presentation tools

Streamlined digitizing and automated drawing cleanup are powerful tools that help you build GIS topologies and prepare your drawings for presentations. These features save mappers enormous amounts of time because they eliminate the need for repetitive tasks. With them, you can add attributes to your data from external databases while you digitize. Clean up data that you take from different sources to be used for analysis. And use the Thematic Maps feature to present maps that tell a story.

A sample of new features

AutoCAD Map 2000 leverages all the latest tools in AutoCAD 2000. Of particular interest to mappers and GIS professionals:

Complementary products

Several Autodesk products complement AutoCAD Map 2000 to further perfect your solution. When you need to interactively convert scanned maps and other raster images for integration with your with your GIS database, or fully utilize aerial photos and satellite imagery to enhance your projects, use Autodesk CAD Overlay® on top of AutoCAD Map.

If you need to create stunning presentations of GIS data that update automatically or visualize maps and data from many sources—including those created outside of AutoCAD—launch 3D Studio VIZ® software from within AutoCAD Map 2000. And watch your maps take on an entirely new dimension.

AutoCAD Map 2000 at a glance

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GIS spatial analysis tools

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