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Lightscape Technologies Ships Radiosity Rendering and Animation Tool for Windows NT

Lightscape for Windows NT -- Now Available From Designers' CADD Company

San Jose, Calif., December 18, 1995 -- Lightscape Technologies, Inc., a leading producer of Visual Reality software, today announced the availability of the Lightscape Visualization System for Windows NT. Lightscape is the first full-featured rendering application offering advanced radiosity technology combined with user specified physically-based lighting and an integrated ray tracer. This unique combination offers unparalleled image realism, interactivity and performance to the design, entertainment and multimedia markets.

Unlike other rendering technologies, Lightscape's radiosity technology accurately simulates the interaction of light among surfaces in a model producing significant lighting effects such as indirect illumination, soft shadows and color bleeding. In addition, radiosity precalculates the lighting of a scene and stores this information as a part of the 3D model so that users can interactively display a fully rendered image from any point of view. Highly interactive and flexible, users can make changes on the fly and adjust lighting and material combinations throughout the rendering process.

"We are very excited about Lightscape bringing their advanced radiosity software and unique visualization capabilities to the world of designers and content developers who do their work on PCs. The Lightscape Visualization System is an excellent example of the class of applications that are rapidly migrating to the PC," said Ronald J. Whittier, senior vice president of Intel's Content Group. "The power of advanced PC microprocessors like Intel's Pentium and Pentium Pro processors, plus a 32-bit operating system like Windows NT, have made the PC a compelling platform for the kind of 3D graphics tools that previously ran only on expensive workstations."

Market Applications

The design market applications include architecture, interior and product design, and visualization and lighting design and analysis. Lightscape's physically based radiosity and ray tracing technology offer a better representation of what an environment or product would look like under specific lighting conditions. A variety of industry standard lighting formats, such as IES are supported. "Virtual prototyping" with Lightscape can provide designers meaningful information early in the design process and shorten the design cycle by reducing the need for physical prototyping. Currently, the software is used by Teague/Boeing in the design of aircraft interiors and by Fluor Daniel, Inc. for producing virtual walkthroughs of architectural design projects.

"After using Lightscape for Windows NT I now have higher standards for the quality of architectural 3D images I can achieve on a PC," said Greg Pyros, principal, Pyros Pictures, an award winning 3D animation studio in Newport Beach, CA.

Typical applications in the entertainment market include virtual sets, special effects, interactive games, web sites and location-based entertainment. Using Lightscape's integrated animation tools, high quality frames for film or video can be rendered in a fraction of the time required with traditional techniques. Lightscape's output can also be exported for use in real-time virtual reality applications as well as VRML and Quicktime VR applications. The software was recently used by Matte World Digital to recreate the 1970's Las Vegas strip in Martin Scorsese's film, Casino.

"The difference between using Lightscape as opposed to anything else on the market is like the difference between a high school degree and a Ph.D.," said Dwight Lind, president of Land Engineering, a VAR based out of Tucson, AZ. "Lightscape fills an important need in the 3D market by combining superior radiosity rendering with animation for unprecedented realism."

Pricing and Availability

The suggested U.S. domestic retail price for Lightscape for Windows NT is $2995. Please call Designers' CADD Company at 617-868-1921 today for actual pricing.

System Requirements

A Pentium based personal computer with 32-64 megabytes of RAM is recommended.

Lightscape supports OpenGL compliant 3D accelerator boards.

Lightscape takes advantage of the enhanced 32-bit and floating point performance of the Pentium Pro processor.

The software imports Autodesk 3D Studio 3DS files as well as DXF files. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Lightscape Technologies, Inc. develops Visual Reality software products for the design and entertainment markets. Lightscape products supporting the full line of Silicon Graphics workstations and servers are distributed worldwide.



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