Well, what can we say? unless you've been living under a rock for the past year, you know about the hottest new animation package in the universe. Why not come on in and see it for yourself? Or come to the 3D Studio Users' Group meeting and see what all the fuss is about. Max has a list price of $3,495. Call us at (617) 868-1921 for actual pricing.

3D Studio MAX Release 2.5 is here!

The updated release incorporates several advanced capabilities that
meet the escalating needs of 3D modelers and animators,
broadcast production professionals, and interactive game
developers. New features include: enhanced NURBS; camera
tracking; support for the Apple QuickTime™ 3.0; Kodak Cineon and
the Silicon Graphics® RGBA support; a new mesh Boolean with
superior output; rapid and precise polygon cutting and slicing; a
fast, interactive method for face-level material assignments; and
VRML import.

Upgrade from MAX 2 for $95

3D Studio VIZ Release 2 is the tool for Architects.

What’s the one killer feature in VIZ 2? Is it the Asset Manager, you say, which allows you preview and drag’n’drop geometry and textures into you scene? Well, we’ve all been waiting for that, for sure. It must be the New Stair and Railing Objects, then. What more could you ask than to be able to drag’n’drop spiral, linear, L-type and U-type stairs into your scene? I’m still listening. Ahah! Then it must be the New Terrain Object! You mean I can just bring in a set of contour lines from AutoCAD, and VIZ will generate a surface for me? And I can terrace this object, color code it by elevation, and arbitrarily specify its complexity?!? Now you’ve got my attention. How about the new Custom AEC Materials, the sample materials for doors, windows, stairs, railings and trees; what about the procedural brick map? That will save you so much time! Sure, I spend too much time creating my own materials, so that’s a help. Have you ever seen a SmoothMove panorama? Well VIZ 2 has it in the box; you can give your clients a tiny file which will allow them to interactively explore the building! Say, that’s neat …

But the thing is, almost all my projects start out in AutoCAD. Either I’m extruding plans, or tilting up elevations, or bringing in a site map. I’m usually starting out somewhere in the middle of the design process, and since I’m a phenomenally skilled 3D modeler, I’ve spoiled my boss into expecting that "minor" design changes can be implemented in an afternoon. After all, you’ve got the AutoCAD drawings, how hard can it be, right?

So what you want is XREFing, right? Well, not really. What I want is to bring in a 2D AutoCAD elevation, extrude it, place it in the model, and apply materials. Then when my boss changes the size of all of the windows in the AutoCAD drawing, I want to press a button in VIZ, and update the 3D model based on the 2D changes.

So what you want is magic? That’s exactly what I want.

Well that’s what we have in VIZ 2. It’s called DWG Linking. This feature alone makes VIZ 2 worth the price of an upgrade. This feature distinguishes VIZ from other architectural modeling packages, like Form*Z. And if you’ve got Architectural Desktop, you’re now working with 3D ARX objects, so the updating is even more automatic.

VIZ 2 has a lot to recommend it, and your "killer feature" may be different than mine.  To learn how 3D Studio VIZ R2 fits into your production process, check out our Design Workshop Schedule and our VIZ Training Schedule, then give us a call at (617) 868-1921 to reserve a spot.

One of the tools in 3D Studio VIZ is Camera Matching. Simply place five points in your model, match them on your image, and the correct camera view is generated automagically.  3D Studio VIZ also supports standard MAX plug-ins. 3D Studio VIZ has a list price of $1,995. Call or [E-Mail peterb@designerscadd.com] today for actual pricing.

Character Studio Release 2

We have this hot plug-in for 3D Studio MAX. Character Studio makes it embarassingly easy to create natural motion of bipedal characters, complete with realistic skin. Character Studio retails for $1495. Call us for special student pricing.




[E-Mail peterb@designerscadd.com]