Digital Video Packages

We offer two digital video solutions:

Turnkey Digital Video NeTpower Calisto Workstation:

NeTpower CalistoSingle Pentim Pro 200 MHz processor workstation

Your Total (Installed): call for latest pricing

Handyman's kit:

Your Total (Uninstalled): $3,895

Installation (in the Boston region): $150

This price does not include the required PVR-compatible Fast-SCSI AV drive, or 5% Massachusetts Sales Tax. Please call us for those prices, as they often change.

This price does not include 5% Massachusetts Sales Tax, and is subject to change without notice, due primarily to fluctuation in RAM and Hard Drive pricing. Please call us for best pricing.

For more information regarding hardware requirements for Windows NT Workstation 3.51, check out

Microsoft Windows NT Hardware Compatibility List Web Page.