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A Cintiq interactive pen display gives you all of the benefits of a paperless workflow without taking away the natural feel and creative freedom associated with working directly on paper. As an architect, engineer or technical designer you will find that working directly on the Cintiq screen is a fast, easy and comfortable way to sketch, draw, trace, and redline documents. Using a Cintiq you can now naturally create a sketch right on your computer and then quickly move through 2D layout and on to 3D modeling. Then using the latest 3D paint applications, you can expedite 3D visualization to more quickly get to the next level of approval.

Sketch-based software like Autodesk┬« Architectural Studio provides an innovative pen-optimized work environment for architectural artists and designers. When used with a Cintiq the sketch-based approach is a powerful way to initiate the design process on the computer without giving up the design tools with which you are familiar. This sketch-based approach bypasses the process of scanning and tracing paper drawings and yet it doesn’t force you to adapt to awkward technical drawing tools when you are creating freeform conceptual drawings.

For technical engineering applications such as Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD the precision of the Cintiq pen gives you pixel-level control for manipulating points, lines, splines and surfaces. Three-button mouse functionality for use with these applications is easily assignable to the Cintiq pen’s Duoswitch or if you prefer the Cintiq can be used seamlessly with your existing mouse or Wacom tablet. Cintiq supports most workstation class platforms including Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT4, Mac OS X, SGI/IRIX and Sun Solaris.



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Turn on Photoshop's pressure sensitive power with Intuos2.

With 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity, nothing unlocks the power of Photoshop, Painter, Paint Shop Pro and other professional graphics applications like Intuos2.

The Intuos2 Grip Pen features Wacom's patented batteryless, cordless technology with 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity. This cushioned pen reduces your grip effort by up to 40% so that you can work comfortably with less stress.

All Intuos2 professional graphics tablets come with an highly accurate, cordless, ball-free mouse complete with scroll-wheel. The 4x5 and 6x8 sizes come with the three-button Intuos2 2D Mouse. The 9x12, 12x12, and 12x18 sizes come with the five-button Intuos2 4D Mouse.


There are three main reasons why Wacom tablets are so popular-- control, comfort and productivity.

Natural Control (pressure & tilt)
All of Wacom's tablets are pressure sensitive-- they literally feel the full range of pressure from the pen on the tablet. With a pressure-sensitive tool, such as Photoshop's Rubber Stamp or History brush or any Painter brush, you get unparalleled control. Press hard, and you get a more opaque clone, a fatter paintbrush, a darker stroke. Press lighter, and you have a transparent clone, a thin brush, a gentle stroke of color. It's intuitive, because it's how tools work in the real world. An Intuos tablet can even sense the tilt of your pen in a program like Painter, Commotion or Studio Artist, giving you the ability to tilt your chalk or brush for cool effects!

Ergonomic Design & Comfort
Ergonomic design is the joining of science and art, and Wacom's tablets are the result of years of studying how people use tablets. Everything from the elegant shape and feel of the pen, with its tapered waist and finger flare, to the exact texture of the drawing surface, is designed to minimize strain and maximize comfort. With many Wacom tablets you also have a choice of tools. The pen for pen-on-paper feel and pressure-sensitive control; the mouse for a familiar navigation approach and static accuracy. Both are cordless and batteryless for maximum comfort and convenience.

Innovation & Speed
If you spend any time at all creating graphics on a computer, a graphics tablet will make you faster. You can go from light to dark, thin to thick, or opaque to transparent in one pressure-sensitive stroke.

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