Autodesk VIZ 2006

Autodesk VIZ

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Autodesk® VIZ 2006 is the 3D modeling, rendering, and presentation software that provides state-of-the-art image creation technologies for communicating and sharing your design intent. Design professionals use Autodesk VIZ throughout the design process to develop and explore concepts and alternatives; communicate design intent to clients, colleagues, and consultants; and validate designs to help ensure their accuracy. Autodesk VIZ software accommodates whatever level of visual representation you require–from real-time studies to photorealistic virtual prototypes to compelling multimedia presentations.

Preliminary Conceptual Modeling
Autodesk VIZ adds unique value at every stage of the design process to help you develop your projects and get them out the door fast. You can create design forms directly in Autodesk VIZ using advanced modeling features, and then transfer your work smoothly into your CAD environment, or other Autodesk applications, such as Autodesk® Revit® Building or Autodesk Inventor® software, for further refinement and precision drafting.

Designing with Light
Light is central to defining the character of space and form. With global illumination rendering technology, you can capture subtle lighting effects such as indirect illumination, soft shadowing, and color bounce that make your renderings come alive with stunning realism. Your renderings are also more accurate, so you can better evaluate and communicate what your design will look like under varying conditions. The process is straightforward–just set up the lighting exactly the way you would in the real world.

An Integrated Solution
Sometimes a project requires advanced 3D visualization; sometimes it requires detailed construction documentation. Autodesk VIZ is an integral part of a design solution that lets you work with the software best suited to the task at hand and fluidly share data between a variety of Autodesk software applications. With enhanced DWG File Link and import capabilities, the data you create in any AutoCAD® 2004, 2005, or 2006–based design application, such as AutoCAD, Autodesk® Architectural Desktop, or AutoCAD® Mechanical, can be used in Autodesk VIZ and vice versa, maintaining data integrity throughout the design process.

Autodesk VIZ 2006
Autodesk VIZ has always been at the forefront of 3D image creation technology. Now Autodesk VIZ 2006 builds on this tradition with new and enhanced features that improve the creation process, streamline everyday workflow, and produce compellingly realistic visualizations.

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