February 9th, Portland, ME – InterSpec, Inc. (“InterSpec”) announced today that HOK is licensing the patented e-SPECS® construction specification solutions for use on pilot projects.  HOK, the world’s largest architectural firm and listed among 10 largest practices in six regions and six market sectors as ranked by the 2006 BD World Architecture Survey, is licensing and evaluating e-SPECS for select projects in an effort to fully understand the efficiencies and improvements e-SPECS can enable on a broader scale.


e-SPECS automates the preparation of construction specifications by extracting the product and material requirements directly from the Building Information Models (BIM) instantly updating the project specifications to the requirements of the building model.  e-SPECS solutions integrate the entire project team into the specification development process streamlining the document coordination process and reducing reliance on inefficient word processing systems.  As updates and changes in the design drawing model are made, those changes are synchronized and updated into the e-SPECS project.  The automation and management solutions enable reduction in time and costs in design, improved communication and access to current specification information resulting in a reduction in coordination issues, change orders, addendums and RFIs.


“We’re excited to understand first hand how e-SPECS can help to integrate and automate our BIM models with our firm’s master specifications”, said Jim Kellogg, Senior Vice President, Best Practices Director of HOK, Inc.   “HOK’s knowledge, BIM practices and global resources are important to continuing our success and we look forward to working with e-SPECS to help us to better manage this information and access to using it.”


“Our success depends on our customer’s successes”, said Michael Brennan, InterSpec’s CEO.  “We are proud to see e-SPECS solutions being pilot tested by industry leaders such as HOK.  We fully expect HOK to realize the value of the integration and automation e-SPECS will bring on these upcoming projects.”



About HOK

HOK is a global architectural firm that specializes in planning, design and delivery solutions for buildings and communities. Through its collaborative network of 22 offices worldwide, the firm serves diverse clients within the corporate, commercial, public and institutional markets. HOK is committed to developing resources and expertise to help lead the world toward sustainable communities and building environments. Founded in 1955, the firm’s expertise includes architecture, interiors, planning, graphics, facilities planning and assessment, engineering, and construction services.



About InterSpec

InterSpec provides construction document management solutions and services built on its patented e-SPECS specification management technology.  e-SPECS software automates the specification process by extracting the product and material requirements directly from the project drawings.  e-SPECS integrates directly with Autodesk’s AutoCAD®, Architectural Desktop and Autodesk Revit-based products and supports all libraries of MASTERSPEC®.  For architects and engineers who spend many hours on every project preparing construction specifications, e-SPECS software saves time and money while ensuring that the construction drawings agree with the specifications. For more information visit www.e-SPECS.com or contact sales at +1-207-772-6135 or email to sales@e-SPECS.com.


e-SPECS is a registered trademark of InterSpec.  Autodesk, AutoCAD and Revit are registered trademarks of Autodesk, Inc.  MASTERSPEC is a registered trademark of the American Institute of Architects.  Source for world ranking survey: “World’s Largest Practices,” BD World Architecture Top 200, January 2006. © Copyright 2006 InterSpec, Inc. All rights reserved.


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