Build Boston Newsletter         Special Edition – November 18, 2003

0% 12 Month Financing is Back!

Beginning November 1, 2003, Autodesk, through American Express Business Finance (AMEXBF), will offer qualified Autodesk customers 0% 12 month financing or 24† and 36† month extended-term financing for qualifying purchases of US $3,000 or more. Qualified commercial, education institutions, and state/local government customers in the U.S. may participate. This promotion is offered on all Autodesk and Discreet software, services and subscriptions for which credit applications are received and approved between November 1, 2003 and January 23, 2003.

In addition to special 0% 12 month financing rates, customers can choose 24 or 36 month payment terms. Customers will still receive the benefit of the 0% rate for the first 12 months, with standard rates over the balance of the term of the lease.


Certain product and credit restrictions apply. Lease applicants must meet American Express Business Finance credit qualifications and minimum purchase requirements. Autodesk financing cannot be combined with any other Autodesk promotional or special price offer, except the AutoCAD LT® 2004 $50 upgrade rebate offer. Offer is available in U.S.A. and Canada only. Federal government and student customers are excluded from the financing offer.

Retirement of AutoCAD® 2000 and AutoCAD 2000-based products is January 15, 2004.

After January 15, 2004, AutoCAD 2000 and AutoCAD 2000-based customers will not be able to upgrade or crossgrade to any current Autodesk® product release. Product retirement means a product is no longer supported by Autodesk, and the SKUs for a retired release are no longer available for upgrade or crossgrade.  For a nominal additional cost, consider upgrading to The Revit / AutoCAD Series. (See below)

Introducing e-SPECS AC by InterSpec, LLC

Link your Specifications to AutoCAD® with e-SPECS®AC.  Develop your specifications as you develop your drawings with e-SPECS' instant link between AutoCad or Architectural Desktop drawings and your project manual. Add text, blocks, hashes, or other AutoCAD® elements, or insert walls, doors, windows, or any other Architectural Desktop® objects into your drawing and instantly update your project manual with the appropriate specifications.

e-SPECS AC, the latest addition to the e-Specs product family, allows you to create your specifications while you develop your drawings in Autodesk’s AutoCad or Architectural Desktop. This allows you to keep your drawings and specifications in sync, automates  product and material selection and integrates your project team.

We will be holding seminars in our office at 9:30 AM on Dec. 3 and Dec. 9, for a more indepth look at e-SPECS. Call to register for a seminar now or register online here.


ADT 2004 Extension


The Interoperability and Productivity Extension for Autodesk® Architectural Desktop 2004 software provides tools for enhanced design workflow and smooth data sharing among team members. For example, import LandXML data directly into your drawing, rather than redrawing parcels and terrain models from scratch. Use the Batch Update tool to update all sections and elevations in a single step—saving you coordination time and reducing costly documentation errors. Or publish DWF™ (Design Web Format™) files to share intelligent design data with building owners and extended team members.

Autodesk® AutoCAD® Revit® Series—Ultimate Flexibility, Immediate Competitive Advantage


You have two priorities: protecting your investment in existing technology and training and gaining a hard-hitting competitive edge with building information modeling. That’s where AutoCAD Revit Series comes in. It couples industry-leading AutoCAD 2004 software with the powerful Autodesk Revit 5.1 building information modeling system—an unbeatable combination that enhances document coordination, improves design communication, and, most of all, gives you complete flexibility to move to building information modeling exactly when and how you decide. Protect and innovate—with AutoCAD Revit Series, you can have it both ways. It could be the right choice to upgrade your older AutoCad to the AutoCad Revit Series.


Autodesk Building Systems 2004 Extensions


Subscription customers can take advantage of the first extension for Building Systems 2004. The HVAC Content Extension for Autodesk® Building Systems 2004 increases your duct fitting catalog by more than 30 percent, including most ASHRAE fittings as well as many mechanical MvParts and U.S. metric 3D plumbing fittings. All so you can spend more time designing systems and less time creating parts.


Bluebeam Pushbutton PDF


Convert AutoCAD files to PDFs with one click. Batch create multiple PDFs from AutoCad. Transfer block attributes to PDFs for easier file search and management. Supports any Windows file and most cad files.


Piranesi 3 –NOW on the Macintosh!


Piranesi 3 allows you to take your models from virtually any 3D cad program and create stunning presentations, literally brushing on materials and placing people and trees in correct perspective. 

Go beyond “Photo Realism” for presentations that convey your design intent with clarity and your own style.



WACOM CINTIQ – Work Directly on the Screen


Working directly with the pen on your Cintiq screen gives you increase flexibility and control. The Cintiq pen gives you pen-pointy accuracy, fast cursor control and pressure sensitive input. Choose either the 15” 15x or the 18” 18x. Position the Cintiq like a monitor, or at the angle you prefer or even put it on your lap. Draw the way you want to draw.


Who we are and what we do:


·                      Designers' Cadd Company, Inc. has been an AutoCad Dealer since 1984, and has been designated by Autodesk as an Autodesk System Center (ASC) for AEC as well as a premier support center. 

·                      We provide training, support, Implementation planning, hardware and related third party software necessary to comprise a complete solution. 

·                      In addition, we specialize in graphic presentation and computer visualization services.


A partial list of products for which we are authorized dealers includes the following:



 1 AutoCAD® 2004

 1 Autodesk® Architectural Desktop 2004

 1 Autodesk® Revit 5.1

 1 Autodesk® Building Systems 2004:

            (Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical)

 1 Autodesk® Raster Design

 1 Autodesk® Land Desktop

 1 Autodesk® VIZ 4

 1 Autodesk® AutoCad Revit Series New

 1 Piranesi 3

 1 3DS MAX 6 - NEW

 1 Combustion 3

 1 RPC Libraries of Photo-realistic content

 1 Wacom Cintiq and other tablets

 1 Interspec e-SPECS AC -  New!


We appreciate your stopping by our booth and hope you will keep in touch.  To keep up to date, please keep checking our web site  or call us at 617 868-1921


Build Boston Specials:

Piranesi (regularly $750) – SPECIAL $650.00