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Build Boston Newsletter         Special Edition – November 16, 2004


0% 12 Month Financing for Revit!


Beginning November 1, 2004, Autodesk, through American Express Business Finance (AMEXBF), will offer qualified Autodesk customers 0% 12 month financing or 24† and 36† month extended-term financing that rolls in the 12 months at  for qualifying purchases of US $15,000 or more. Qualified commercial customers in the U.S. may participate. This promotion is offered on Revit software, and subscriptions for which credit applications are received and approved between November 1, 2004 and January 15, 2005.


Certain product and credit restrictions apply. Lease applicants must meet American Express Business Finance credit qualifications and minimum purchase requirements. Autodesk financing cannot be combined with any other Autodesk promotional or special price offer, except the AutoCAD LT® 2004 $50 upgrade rebate offer. Offer is available in U.S.A. and Canada only. Federal government and student customers are excluded from the financing offer.

Retirement of AutoCAD® 2000i and AutoCAD 2000i-based products is January 15, 2005.


After January 15, 2005, AutoCAD 2000i and AutoCAD 2000i-based customers will not be able to upgrade or crossgrade to any current Autodesk® product release. Product retirement means a product is no longer supported by Autodesk, and the SKUs for a retired release are no longer available for upgrade or crossgrade to a

current Autodesk® product release..Both Architectural Desktop 2i and 3 will be retired in January.  For a nominal additional cost, consider upgrading to The AutoCad Revit Series 2. (See below)



Autodesk® AutoCAD® Revit® Series 2—Ultimate Flexibility, Immediate Competitive Advantage


You have two priorities: protecting your investment in existing technology and training and gaining a hard-hitting competitive edge with building information modeling. That’s where AutoCAD Revit Series comes in. It couples industry-leading AutoCAD 2005 software with the latest version of Autodesk Revit building information modeling system—an unbeatable combination that enhances document coordination, improves design communication, and, most of all, gives you complete flexibility to move to building information modeling exactly when and how you decide. Protect and innovate—with AutoCAD Revit Series 2, you can have it both ways. It could be the right choice to upgrade your older AutoCad to the AutoCad Revit Series.


e-SPECS by InterSpec, LLC


e-SPECS now can ink your Specifications to AutoCAD®, Architectural Desktop  or Revit.  It develops your specifications as you develop your drawings with e-SPECS' instant link between AutoCad,  Architectural Desktop or Revit drawings and your project manual. Add text, blocks, hashes, or other AutoCAD® elements, or insert walls, doors, windows, or any other Architectural Desktop® objects into your drawing and instantly update your project manual with the appropriate specifications.

e-SPECS AC, allows you to create your specifications while you develop your drawings in Autodesk’s AutoCad or Architectural Desktop. This allows you to keep your drawings and specifications in sync, automates  product and material selection and integrates your project team.


ADT 2005


Tired of working with time-consuming CAD-based drafting? Get more productivity with Autodesk® Architectural Desktop 2005.

With this release, use the integrated detailing capability, drawing from thousands of industry-based components.  --Then use e-SPECS (sold separately) to extract the choices you have made and speed your way to an integrated project manual.

Designed specifically for architects and built on AutoCAD® software, Architectural Desktop intelligent objects mean you can get productive right away. You can continue to use your existing ways of working while implementing increasingly powerful and effective features gradually, at your own pace. You get the productivity of automated documentation, the efficiency of intelligent architectural objects, and the flexibility of file-based collaboration.

Design, visualize, and document with Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2005—AutoCAD for architects




Industry-leading normal mapping tools: 3ds max 7 animation technology includes all new tools for creating normal maps and previewing the results in the viewport using DX9 shaders. Plus, 3ds max 7 is now the first major 3D application to support normal maps in the rendering process, allowing artists to add amazing detail while limiting the total volume of geometry in a scene.

Character creation and animation: 3ds max 7 software introduces great character modeling tools into the skinning system to make incredibly detailed and realistic characters. It also includes the award-winning character animation system, character studio®, as a fully integrated standard component.

Performance: Stability and performance are critical issues to any 3D artist. 3ds max 7 technology continues to enhance stability while introducing numerous performance enhancements, including the new TurboSmooth smoothing system, increased Viewport speed, and a new Object Culling system that procedurally reduces the number of objects displayed, keeping the focus on critical aspects of the scene.


Piranesi 4!


Piranesi 4 allows you to take your models from virtually any 3D cad program and create stunning presentations, literally brushing on materials and placing people and trees in correct perspective. 

Go beyond “Photo Realism” for presentations that convey your design intent with clarity and your own style. 

New with Version 4:  Import 3D models.  Move them and rotate them into position in your renderings.  Many improvements include fades, filters, new brush and painter effects and much more.  Both tutorials and expanded libraries make this a powerful and easy version to use.

Take advantage of our Build Boston show pricing! 


Who we are and what we do:


·            Designers' Cadd Company, Inc. has been affiliated with Autodesk since 1984. 

·            We are design professionals who provide training, support, Implementation planning, and related third party software necessary to comprise a complete solution. 

·            In addition, we specialize in graphic presentation and computer visualization services.


A partial list of products for which we are authorized dealers includes the following:



 1 AutoCAD® 2005

 1 Autodesk® Architectural Desktop 2005

 1 Autodesk® Revit 7 NEW

 1 Autodesk® Building Systems 2005:

            (Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical)

 1 Autodesk® Raster Design

 1 Autodesk® VIZ 2005

 1 Autodesk® AutoCad Revit Series NEW

 1 Piranesi 4 for Windows

 1 3DS MAX 7 - NEW

 1 Combustion 3

 1 RPC Libraries of Photo-realistic content

 1 Wacom Cintiq and other tablets

 1 Interspec e-SPECS AC; e-SPECS Revit


We appreciate your stopping by our booth and hope you will keep in touch.  To keep up to date, please keep checking our web site http://www.designerscadd.com.  or call us at 617 868-1921


Build Boston Specials:

Piranesi (regularly $750) – SPECIAL $600.00