New England AYA fly-in at

7B2 - Northampton, MA

March 15, 2003


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The New England region had a great turnout at Northampton March 15.   15 aircraft and 24 people attended.

Most of the 15 Grummans arrived by 11:30 at 7B2, some having just escaped a lingering low cloud cover.

A flight of four arrived overhead at 11:35 and made some low passes, inspiring us with their panache.

Paradise City Aviation was a terrific host. They used a giant van to transport us (up to 15 at a time) to Fitzwilly’s in Northampton. We were seated in a whole second floor gallery, and had a great lunch (Good food and surprisingly quick service). We then took a several block walk in this funky college town to Herrell’s Ice Cream. This location is the headquarters of a high-quality chain, formerly known as Steve’s Ice Cream in Somerville.

After Herrell’s, a small group went on to the botanical gardens at Smith College, a few of us poked around in bookstores and galleries, and the rest were transported by Van back to the airport.

Arriving back at 7B2, we all got to witness the great seasonal transition from Winter to Mud (or is that Spring?).

Apparently, a number of airplanes had to be towed out of a field now turned to mud. George, who cheerfully drove the van, managed the small John Deere used as a tug.